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Platinum Winners
Platinum Winners

Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Blending the softness of sheer with the function and convenience of a blind. 

Available in both transparent and room dimming fabrics to give any room in the house this elegant yet modern look.

Combines the Softness Of Shades with the Control Of Blinds

Superior Light Filtration

Horizontal Sheer Blinds block nearly 90% of harmful UV rays when open and up to 99% when closed.  They are available in both transparent and room darkening materials.

Drink in the view.  When raised, the shading completely disappears into the headrail. When lowered, the magnificent outdoors remains in sight with no distracting lift cords.

Ideal for All Room and Window Types

Soften that harsh sunlight or dim-down your environment.  These horizontal or vertical shades maximize your privacy during the day; you can see out, but no one can see in.  At night, close the vanes and voila … privacy assured.

Multiple Stylish Features

  • Cordless lift. Adjust your shades with a single touch and enjoy the enhanced safety aspect of going cordless.
  • Power wand. Raise and lower your shades by pushing the button on your power wand mechanism. This is a rechargeable system.
  • Battery-operated motorization. Powered by a rechargeable RF system, your shades will raise or lower at the command of your easy-to-use remote control.
  • Two-on-one headrail. One headrail supports the separate shadings of neighbouring windows for a smart and simplified look.