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Platinum Winners
Platinum Winners


Before sending that comfortable piece of furniture to landfill, consider re-upholstery.  Bring new life to your tired and well-used piece

To Reupholster or not to Reupholster?

That is the question


Not every piece of furniture is a good candidate for reupholstering, but we are here to help you with that decision.  Reupholstery is a major furniture project, but one that brings new life to a favourite sofa or chair.  It involves stripping the furniture piece down to its frame, before recovering in new fabric.  

Although reupholstering furniture is a labour-intensive process, the results can be stunning. New fabric gives dated or unattractive furniture a fresh look, revealing the true potential within that faded armchair or worn beige couch.

We also upholster new bench-seat cushions and headboards and any other project that you can dream of.  Take a look at the gallery, and the amazing dog bed and fireside reading nook that we created.

Let us help you turn old furniture into a personalized piece you’ll love.